pilot-mailsync is an application to transfer outgoing mail from and deliver incoming mail (from a mail source like IMAP, POP or local files) to a Palm OS device using the Palm Mail application. It relies on the libraries installed by pilot-link.

The current 0.9.2 release can be downloaded as .tar.gz.

You can contact the maintainer directly at jochen@pms.garcke.de.

The freshmeat page of pilot-mailsync.


No new releases

	* I stopped working on pilot-mailsync (as one could guess from the lack of releases)
	* The code is of course still there, feel free to do with it what you like.

0.9.2: 24 Nov 2005

	* works with pilot-link-0.12-pre
	* compiles with gcc-4.0

0.9.1: 15 Sep 2005

	* PalmMail Sync-Option "Unread" with better support
	* brought jpilot-interface up to date
	* fixes (sending mail in certain cases, configure)

0.9.0: 10 Mar 2005

 	* basic VersaMail support, syncs one mailbox with one account in VersaMail
	* bug fixes when sending mail
	* fix for possible bigger mails in eMail
	* deleted mails, which are still present on server get not transported to palm
For more VersaMail support the format of its preferences has to be understood further, see my mails on "versamail account" on the mailing list with the versamail_appinfo.c for accessing the preferences in the first one.

0.8.3: 17 Dec 2004

	* SMTP authentication can have own user/password
	* Can disable authentication types for SMTP (workaround for certain uncorrect servers)
	* Fixed bug which prevented sending Replys from Palm with some SMTP-servers
	* Mail identification again (change of behaviour: Palm gets date/time of sender not recipient)
	* Still no support for VersaMail, basic support will be in next version

0.8.2: 13 Aug 2004

	* set keepdays=number in .pilotmailrc to keep only mails from last number of days on the palm
	* bugfix for very long addresses
	* update to imap-2004a

0.8.1: 24 Feb 2004

	* mail identification now finally works (almost ?) perfect
	* memory cleanup
        * update to imap-2002e 14 May 2003

        * compiles under RedHat 9 and Mandrake 9.1 08 May 2003

        * compiles with gnome-pilot-2

0.8.0: 07 May 2003

        * SMTP after POP possible (smtppop=on)
          Uses same username/password as for fetching mail.
        * Draft and Filed of the Palm mail application are also synched.
          Mail on the mail source gets transported on the palm but
          _not_ vice versa. Deleting in Draft and Filed on Palm has no effect.
          Use draft= and filed= in .pilotmailrc
        * FindMail now works with multiple adresses in fields
        * FindMail bug concerning hours/minutes fixed
        * update to imap-2002c1
	* Outgoing mail can be only stored in outbox and not sent (for offline use)
	  Use sendfileonly=on in .pilotmailrc
        * compiles almost with gnome-pilot-2 (see mailing-list for corrections)
	* compiles under MacOS X, see INSTALL

Docs: README configuration changelog



CVS access: cvs -z3 -d :pserver:anonymous@pilot-mailsync.sourcefubar.net:/cvs/pilot-mailsync co -P pilot-mailsync

This CVS repository is also browsable via the web (thanks to pilot-link's David Desrosiers).

RPMs for SUSE can be found here.
Or have a look at rpmfind.

If you can build other RPMs oder DEBs feel free to e-mail them to my above address.

Bug tracking

Also thanks to pilot-link's David Desrosiers, pilot-mailsync has publically-accessible bug tracking, which you can find by pointing your browser to the following link and selecting 'pilot-mailsync' from the upper-right listing.

Jochen Garcke